The coolest inclusive space


Located in the heart of Lee Green, the Deaf is Cool space is a spectacular venue, offering an atmosphere that is artsy, unique and healthy all at the same time.

We support community based artistic and inclusive events. Our ethos is to offer an alternative to the daily coffee, the chemically processed food and unhealthy lifestyle, through our healthy, inclusive and nature based lifestyle.




The Deaf is Cool space is the coolest inclusive space. We offer an insight into deaf culture, community and inclusion, by offering to all the opportunity to learn, share and live experiences of deafness, healthy lifelstyle and artistic emotions, while enjoying our fresh home-made juices.

We are proud to use our space to promote what we believe to be an alternative to our daily coffee, in a crowded workspace. By offering a safe space to all those who want to come along, have a chat, meet up with friends and enjoy life, we are encouraging all our juice lovers to be more aware of the art around them, to be curious about deaf culture, and why not learn the basics of British Sign Language at the Deaf is Cool space !



We also promote local artists, and give them the opportunity to showcase their pieces on the walls of our innovative space. So rather you use our space to showcase your work, or you want to come with your laptop and enjoy our fresh juices and smooties while getting things done, Deaf is Cool will be happy to welcome the entire community in these unique premises.

One more touch of artistic and creative life, our photostudio is open for hire, to allow all to make their visions real and create even more.

Our main space is also aailable to be hired upon request, subject to availability and if the event is in accordance with the ethos and values of the Deaf is Cool identity.

We want to share with the community, include all and live a healthy lifestyle, full of arts and fun. That is the idea behind Deaf is Cool !



At Deaf is Cool, we value all forms of arts, this is the reason why we hold events on a regular basis to share our love of arts with others.

Whether it be a jazz night, an open mic evening, a poetry night, the discovery of a new artist, the launch of a new fashion brand or a private viewing, we hold all types of artistic events on a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis.



Rather it be to hold your workshops, masterclasses or your private parties, the Deaf is Cool space will promote events that are in line with their ethos and their values

The main space is perfect to hold your events, with a capacity of up to 120 standing guests or 80 seated guests.



Our photostudio is a large all-white space, the orientation allowing it to benefit from a very large amount of natural light.

The big windows allow the light to go through the whole room, while keeping the photo session in a private setting.

We also have a small changing area, a steamer and a make up table.

The photo material includes : Studio flash lighting, reflectors (glod and silver), tripod, three different backdrops, white balance and grey cards.




Leegate shopping center

3 burnt ash road





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