Are Deaf People Properly Represented In Fashion


Are Deaf People Properly Represented in Fashion?

Fashion is all about the way you look carrying a particular style using clothes and style. The industry is growing day to day with more creativity and innovation, but the sad thing about this industry is the lack of presentation for deaf people in it. There was no representation of deaf people in the fashion industry until recently, but thanks to the fashion designers who brought a sense of fashion to the deaf people and provided them with opportunities to bring them on the ramp. 

Today, there is a huge representation of the deaf community in the fashion industry. More and more people are supporting deaf models and their participation in different events is ever increasing that is ultimately bringing new fashion statement for deaf people. 

Deaf is Cool is a leading clothing brand combing innovation and support for deaf people through our product line. We are trying to portray a positive image of deaf people through the fashion industry and bring awareness about the people with disabilities. Our entire clothing range depicting positivity about deaf people to let the public know that they are the coolest people on the earth. Help us to bring awareness to the public through our clothing line.